Bixi Awotan can be translated into “What  does your heart say?” For over 3000 years this has been a traditional Mayan phrase used as a greeting expressing sincerity…

The Bixi Awotan product line was inspired by a desire to merge traditional Mexican handcrafts and our exclusive modern designs. Each product is carefully crafted with the highest levels of quality, creating a unique, bohemian, and timeless style.

Our  family based company originated in México  around 2006. The founders,  Noelia Torres & María Torres have  guided this company based on their passion for design and love for Mexican art. Bixi Awotan has allowed us to fulfill our dream of sharing unique beautiful creations with the rest of the world.
None of this would be possible without the support, creativity, and talent of the rest of our family including Sarai Torres & Uriel Torres. We promise to listen to your heart and put ours into every product we make.

What does your heart say?