3 Interesting things about the leather industry in Leon, Guanajuato?

3 Interesting things about the leather industry in Leon, Guanajuato?

Founded in 1576, Leon Guanajuato, now known as "The capital of leather and footwear," has seen more than its fair share of progress and history. As a leather goods manufacturer, the city is recognized for its magnificent craftsmanship of leather goods including footwear, women's bags, belts, jackets, handbags (as stunning as our bags) and other accessories.

Traditionally, leather artisans have worked alongside local tanneries to create their products. Currently, there are more than 500 tanneries in Leon that work with different types of leather, which is the main economic activity there.That is why we bring  you 3 interesting things about the leather industry in Leon, Guanajuato

1. The leather industry's sustainability

In terms of sustainability, the tanneries adhere to environmental regulations. As a consequence of internationalization, the sector is facing challenges and making improvements like: using water-based solvents (lead-free), being careful of toxic spills, using treated water, all with the intention of preserving water, soil and air.

2.The impact in the corporate ecological culture

For the corporate ecological culture, synthetic materials were used in an effort to replace leather, but ultimately, they did not yield better results due to the negative environmental impact of being non biodegradable.

3.The leather and how supply the food chain 

In contrast, leather comes with a wide range of products that supply the food chain. Gelatin, collagen, biogas, dog treats, sausage skins, and cosmetics are among the products that can also be obtained from processing animal skin waste, which is not typically associated with this industry and that allows the full utilization of this noble material.

Furthermore, it is a sector that benefits thousands of people who work in this field.  Don´t forget to visit our store and see our incredible products. Feel free to share your thoughts below, we'll read them.


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