Bixi Awotan: The example of a business that empowers women

Bixi Awotan: The example of a business that empowers women

March is the month in which International Women's Day is commemorated. Year after year we seek to raise awareness about gender equality and equal opportunities for a sustainable future. That is why it is important to tell the story of Bixi Awotan: The example of a business that empowers women.

Bixi awotan is a family business made up mostly of women.
It started around 2006 with Noelia, Maria, Saraí and Uriel Torres, but without the idea that it would become a business. Noelia and Maria Torres were studying fashion design and had to carry out different projects creating products. They always focused on leather bags and accessories, so their friends began to ask them to sell the pieces they had designed, and that's how more people began to request their products and spread the word. 


International Women's Day- Empowerment women

Later the demand was growing and it was necessary to enlarge the team as well, so Saraí Torres joined in charge of sales and her brother Uriel in the production area. The essence of Bixi Awotan products is the care in every detail, from the choice of each of the materials, to the design, always preserving handcrafted details that make each piece unique and unrepeatable. But also the essence of Bixi Awotan is teamwork and perseverance to achieve our goals, which is mostly thanks to the talent of the women we have in our team. That is why here we share with you many of the secrets that have led us to be a female entrepreneurship that is in the hearts of our customers. 


Empowering Women Artisans

We are passionate about creating products that generate emotions and connect with other people

Especially because of the meaning that our products have for women in their daily lives. It is like speaking the same and unique language through a product where someone unknown can understand something that you have created based on your inspiration, to be able to communicate that same feeling to others is incredible! In the same way we are motivated to achieve a positive impact on all the people who are part of our team directly and indirectly, generating, this scheme has motivated us even more, to always keep handmade details in each of our products. With a message of empowerment, we have our new collection  Woven palm leaf bags that is made by women artisans. We've partnered with them to create a collection one-of-a-kind. And know that your purchase is a step forward for sustainable and ethical business.

Empowerment women artisans

Our history is a reflection of how the equal union between women and men can bring small ideas to accomplish great professional and personal goals in people's lives.

Our team work starts from the search for the best materials that give us the best quality, from local and responsible suppliers, in terms of design we seek that the products are timeless to use them based on your style and not just for a passing trend, we use the best quality leather to be products that over time look even better and you can use them for many years. Visit our online store to see our incredible collection. 

We always try to keep some handcrafted detail as a badge of our brand. And of course, we also want all our customers to have that accessory that makes them feel unique and different. If you want to more about our incredible group of artesans, visit our blog 2 reasons to meet the artisans behind your bixi awotan

Business that empowers women.

Remember that a small idea can become a great business, but more than that, a business that promotes and reflects the importance of women and men having equal work and personal opportunities. Promoting the education, training and personal development of women is our responsibility.
It is time to make the change.

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