2 reasons to meet the artisans behind your bixi awotan

2 reasons to meet the artisans behind your bixi awotan

We are a company founded by sisters and although not all of us at bixi awotan are blood family, we consider all our collaborators part of our family by choice.

Why do you have to meet our artisans?

The first reason is that our artisans, over the years,  have learned how to work with leather; how to finish it, detail it and manufacture products with it. This can take years to learn and perfect.

The second reason it's to understand how our family works. That is why at bixi awotan we defend fair trade, where all the parties involved in the process of making a product, receive the part corresponding to their work.  Visit our online store to know more about the history of our products.

We thank all our customers, who over the years have supported us throughout this beautiful process and have allowed us to continue creating and growing.Don't forget to see the incredible options that we have for you in our online store. Feel free to share your thoughts below, we'll read them! 


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