Halloween edition: witches love leather bags

Halloween edition: witches love leather bags
bixi awotan leather handmade bags for women

In this Halloween special, Maria from the bixi family shared with us how witches from the 15th century have been connected to leather bags and we thought that it would be a perfect story for this blog on this spooky weekend.

Nanta, the mystic leather bag

This bag has been called by many names: nanta, mesa or even spirit pouch, and its background goes beyond the age of the Aztecs.

A witch bag usually carried crystals, herbs, and stones for protection or healing ritual. They had them in all sorts of shapes and sizes, most being made of leather usually from their given animal. It was said that every item inside had arrived by a separate set of circumstances, but all of them had a reason for being there.


bixi awotan leather handmade bags for women

For some people even today, they still bear objects of great energy in their bags such as essential oils, quartz and journals. It is said that when you carry a bag, you will always have magic with you.

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Happy Halloween!

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