3 Bixi awotan bags you should have in your wardrobe

3 Bixi awotan bags you should have in your wardrobe

A handbag is woman’s best friend.  It’s always with you.  It carries all your secrets. Finding that perfect bag is so important.  The right one can pull your entire look together and make a strong style statement.

Most women have a few handbags in their closet, but they always want more!  What kind of purses are your favorites? Let’s learn more about the bixi awotan bags you should have in your wardrobe…

1. Crossbody bag

Got a busy schedule?  Don’t lose track of your day!  Our crossbody bag will be your best friend. Our crossbody bag is designed to be worn on one side of the body with a single strap. They are typically smaller but the perfect size for carrying your most important belongings. Their functionality and wearability make them the ideal bag for busy women. Whether you’re running errands, heading to dinner and a concert, or traveling to far away places, our crossbody bag is the perfect bag for you…small enough to carry but big enough for essentials. Clic here to see our entire crossbody bag collection


Crossbody bag


A recommendation from the creators of bixi awotan:  our fanny packs are best sellers for a reason.

The bixi awotan fanny pack is currently one of our most popular bags.  This versatile, hands-free bag can be worn around your waist or draped across your torso like a crossbody or shoulder bag. There’s so much to love about a fanny pack!  They are easy to wear and can be the finishing touch to a casual look.  Perfect for all your adventures.

“This fanny pack is everything I need and more. It easily fits my phone, wallet, keys and even a snack or two.  And when I’m at those weekend fairs, there’s no need to switch bags or keep track of the essentials. This one does it all!”  - Noelia

Our fem leather fanny pack - crossbody collection

Tap here to see our bixi awotan Leather Fanny Pack Collection

2. Tote bags

Are you a multitasker?  We’ve got your back:  Meet our tote bags! Our tote bags are made for women who multitask. Their large interior space allows you to carry items for quick trips to the office, to the dentist, to pick up the kids from school…oh, and to finish that report while you wait in the car!  Juggling your schedule is a lot to handle, so you need a bag that can carry everything you need.



I almost forgot what we love most about our totes!  They allow us to be completely organized with a wallet/wrist bag included in some styles that can be used as a wallet or a small cosmetic kit. As we had mentioned in this blog "2 tips to extend the lifespan of your favorite leather bag" we recommend you don’t put makeup in direct contact with your leather bag to avoid staining.

3.Shoulder bags

For those laidback days, our shoulder bags are the perfect companion. As an extension of our line of crossbody bags, the bixi awotan shoulder bag has two handles and is worn without a crossbody strap.  Women who prefer a shoulder bag like the convenience of a quick slip over the shoulder or forearm providing easy access to what’s inside.  These handcrafted bags are gorgeous!  Writing this now, I can’t help but remember our beautiful Tulum bag which looks stunning no matter how it is worn.  Your bixi awotan shoulder bag is the perfect bag to bring to have coffee with friends. Don´t forget to see our entire shoulder bag collection. 


Shoulder Bags


We would be delighted to read your comments. Tell us what kind of day you’re having. What’s your personal style?  We’d love to get to know you!



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