2 tips to extend the lifespan of your favorite leather bag

2 tips to extend the lifespan of your favorite leather bag

We all have been there, going on a date, a weekend escape or just shopping to the mall and your favorite bag is damaged... that gloom moment where you have to choose another purse and go all the way thinking that the best time of your fav handbag had gone. The best way to avoid this tragedy to happen is giving your bags better care since the very first time.

Here are the best tips and tricks for bag care/maintenance of your brand-new bag, or you can consider this as valuable information before buying your first bixi awotan. We have good news! You just win the jackpot because all leather goods are known for their durability and great resistance, so we can assure you that your bag will last for years and years. That's why we bring you 2 tips to extend the lifespan of your favorite leather bag. 


Photo of artisanal black leather purse handcrafted


1. Learn how to store your leather goods

Your leather accessories are precious and should be treated with the utmost care. Here are some important tips for looking after them in between wearings. Before you even think about storing your purse, it's important to clean it from the inside out. Remove any dust or dirt from the interior, exterior and all of its clasps, zippers, etc. 


Photo of artisanal black leather purse handcrafted

Don’t store leather goods in direct sunlight or when they’re hot or cold. Keep in mind that the humid or heated environment can make your bag's texture stiff, so always store your leathers in a cool and dry place.

We recommend you to empty your leather bag and store it with paper filler inside in order to avoid wrinkles or any sort of damage (don’t use newspaper sheets). Every purchase includes the perfect sized fabric bag, also known as dust cover, so you can store your bag after use.

Did you leave something in your bag that left behind an unpleasant odor? Don't worry, you can remove the odor by leaving your bag open to the air, preferably in the shade. And if this does not work we recommend filling a sock with coffee grains, sealing it very well and leaving it inside for at least one week, if you don't like coffee smell you can also use potpourri or lavender. Remember, paper scrunched up makes a good odor absorber too.

2. Easy ways to protect your leather accessories to extend their lives.

Photo of artisanal black leather purse handcrafted


Add these small tips and hacks to your daily routine, you will always have your leather accessories in perfect condition. Guaranteed!

  • Always choose a bag that is the right size for daily needs items, it is important not to overload your purse as it could deform. Remember that leather skin is flexible, and it stretches, so regaining its original form might be difficult.


Photo of artisanal black leather purse handcrafted

  •  Makeup stains, although they are the most common they are the worst to get rid of, we suggest if possible, not to carry makeup in your purse but if necessary don't forget to use a cosmetics bag and keep your plastic containers well closed.
  • If you've noticed a loose thread on the fabric of your bag, use a lighter to heat the thread and seal that fabric, we want to avoid that the rest of that stitching comes undone. Do not use the flame directly into the thread nor leather. We don’t want you to get burnt, so please be careful!
  • We would also suggest scheduling a professional cleaning service, at least once a year. Don’t forget to mention if there's any damage or scratch, as those may need additional attention. Having a leather bag and keeping it in perfect condition is an excellent investment.

    Now that you have these amazing tips, you're ready to take advantage of your leather handbags bixi awotan. If you have more questions, don't forget to visit our online store for more information. So, what does your heart say?

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