Tips to achieve the New years resolutions

Tips to achieve the New years resolutions

The new year is the beginning of a new stage in our lives, so it is important to set new goals to achieve in order to start this new adventure with motivation and positivism. However, it is not only important to plan these goals, it is also important to be clear about how to achieve them and make sure we accomplish them. That is why the Bixi Awotan girls want to give you some useful tips that you can use to achieve all your resolutions in this new year.

Start working on your New Year's resolutions as soon as possible

To achieve your new year's goals it is important to be clear that you have to maintain perseverance to achieve them. The first two or three weeks you maintain motivation and discipline, however, as time goes by, responsibilities invade our routine and we lose sight of our purposes. Therefore, our advice is to start working on your goals as soon as possible. You can set dates, but preferably we recommend that you start working on it TODAY.

New Year´s Resolutions

Have a list of resolutions that suits your capabilities

Many of the New Year's resolutions are related to money, health or education, however, many people fail to achieve them because many of these goals exceed their capabilities in terms of time and agenda. Therefore, we recommend that you adapt your goals and establish them as "sub-goals" to work on them in small steps, which are not complicated and that make you see progress in the fulfillment of your resolutions.  At Biwi Awotan we recommend using our BON VOYAGE TAN LEATHER TRAVELER - NOTEBOOK to keep your notebook and documents safe and stylish. 

Establish the reason for your goals

Many times, people fail to achieve their New Year's resolutions because they don't have a powerful reason to make a real impact in their lives. Therefore, we advise you to think about the motives, a reason or why it is important for you to accomplish this goal. Above all, keep in mind that whatever your goal is, it has to be linked to your happiness and personal self-realization.

Another tip is to keep yourself motivated through rewards. This helps you to celebrate every little step and give yourself a treat. A good reward can be one of Bixi Awotan's products, check out our collection.

We hope these tips will be very useful for you to achieve all your goals in this new year. We hope that this new stage will be very successful and happy for you.
On behalf of Bixi Awotan, we wish you a happy new year.

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