Let's Spill the Tea – Why We're Obsessed: Extra Large Tote Bags

Let's Spill the Tea – Why We're Obsessed: Extra Large Tote Bags

2 Reasons Why We Love Big Big Tote Bags

Girl, if you haven't hopped on the Oversized Tote Bag trend, you are seriously missing out! Big tote bags aren't just a fashion statement; they're a lifestyle! Let's be real, sometimes our regular-sized handbags just don't cut it. We need space for everything! That's where the glorious big tote bag comes in to save the day.

Big Bags "The Bigger, The Better" SS24 Trend

#1 A Big tote bag has room for EVERYTHING. Whether you're a multitasking mom juggling gym clothes, school supplies, and snacks for the kids, or a professional running from meetings to presentations, a spacious oversized Leather Tote Bag can handle it all. Laptops, work documents, even a change of clothes

womens leather tote bags for work gym clothesleather-studded-hobo-bag-2

 #2 The bigger, the better! There's an oversized tote for every style out there. Leather studded hobo bags are particularly trendy, adding an edgy vibe. And did we mention how effortlessly chic they look?

Let us know if you'd like some tips on where to find the perfect big tote bag for you!

Big tote bags are lifesavers! - FAQs - All Your Questions Answered

    • How big are tote bags?
      They come in all sorts of sizes, but it depends on what you consider 'big'. Some extra-large totes can easily fit a small change of clothes or a few beach towels, while others are just a bit roomier than your average purse.

    • What's the largest size tote bag?
      The possibilities are endless, but our large tote is up to 22 inches wide.
      Leather Tote Bag dimensions:
      TZELTAL width 22.5"/ height 13" 
      LIDIA width 15"/ height 14.5

  • What's the purpose of a tote bag?
    Honestly, anything you want! They're the ultimate multi-taskers – work bags, gym bags, overnight bags, beach bags, grocery shoppers... the versatility is unbeatable.

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