3 Bixi Awotan gift´s to give on Valentine's Day

3 Bixi Awotan gift´s to give on Valentine's Day

The season of love is upon here, and at Bixi Awotan we want to give you some ideas to prepare those special details for your special people.
Valentine's Day is coming and it's time to prepare all the gifts for our loved ones, however, it is important to know where the meaning of giving gifts on Valentine's Day comes from. Have you ever wondered the meaning of giving gifts on Valentine's Day?

Despite the commercial fame of this celebration, the origin of Valentine's Day dates back to the third century, when Emperor Claudius II decided to ban marriages of young people and a priest named Valentine broke the order and secretly married many couples in love. Because of this, he was condemned to death by the emperor on February 14, 270.

Centuries later, the tradition of commemorating St. Valentine on the date of his death, was expanding to different countries, since then it has become a date to commemorate love and be detailed with our loved ones worldwide.

So here are some ideas for gifts Bixi Awotan style. 

Bags are one of the best gifts you can give to your special someone on Valentine's Day. Bags are gifts that besides being practical, give a special touch to people's look. So here are some recommendations from our Bixi Awotan collection of bags: 




A shoulder bag is the right gift for any bag lover. This type of bag gives more protection for credit cards and personal documents. Additionally, it includes pockets and internal compartments for coins or any other object. This gift is not only useful and practical, it is stylish and perfect for people who like to look fashionable no matter the occasion.
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Leather Bandoliers

Crossbody bags

A crossbody bag is the right gift for all those people who want to look urban and relaxed. This type of bag is very practical and functional, since its strap guarantees your comfort when wearing it. It is ideal for storing all kinds of objects, from cell phones, keys, cash, etc. It is also characterized by its size, which is the right size to carry your bag anywhere you go, guaranteeing to bring your essentials at hand. Give this gift to someone special for you. 

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Crossbody Bags Bixi Awotan

Shoulder bags

These bags are very useful and are suitable for any type of occasion. They allow you to keep all your essentials at your fingertips and be fashionable in different situations. This type of bags are multipurpose as it has the ability to accompany us from training routines to long trips around the world. Also, it has the security you need since the zippers and its size allows you to walk comfortably and safely anywhere. Give this kind of special bag to your special someone. Visit our online store to see our collection.

Shoulder bags

We at Bixi Awotan hope these gift ideas will help you prepare for Valentine's Day. Remember to prepare it in advance. The date is almost here!

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