4 tips for your bixi bag to match with your spring 2023 outfit

4 tips for your bixi bag to match with your spring 2023 outfit

Spring is here and it's time to get to know the bag trends for this season!. Many spring bags are the perfect complement to trendy and fashionable outfits. Vibrant colors, light textures and innovative designs make us feel closer and closer to the warm spring. That's why at Bixi Awotan we bring you 4 tips for your bixi bag to match with your spring 2023 outfit.

It's time to take out of our closet the voluminous dresses and skirts, the blouses with floral prints and all those garments that are able to transform our look for the spring weather. But we must not forget the most important part of our outfit: the bags.
Bags are reinvented every season, from their textures to the colors that make us fall in love with them, without ceasing to be useful and practical in our travels, celebrations and daily routine.

Tote bag - Spring Leather bag


1. Choose the spring color that best matches your outfit

Fashionable colors are what make bags attractive every season. They are easy to carry and wear with pride. Summer is dominated by an optimistic, vibrant and risky color palette such as green, white, black, orange and red. This kind of colors make your bag match perfectly with your clothes, shoes, and indeed, with your whole outfit. Our Large Tote Lidia Leather Bag is your perfect  ally for this season, because this model is available in different colors, you can choose the one you like the most. 


Fashionable Spring Bag - Summer

2. Choose the bag with the right size for your needs

Bags are not only an accessory to show off, they are also elements that help you carry personal items and important things, so your bag for this spring season has to have plenty of space. Our Large Tote Lidia Leather Bag is one of the models indicated for those who need a lot of space. It also has an individual pouch that can function as a wallet, handbag or cosmetic bag, just the same shade as the main bag. Just the space you need!


Spring Tote Leather Bag

Includes a small hand bag included (purse or cosmetic bag)

3. Choose a bag with a sturdy material for this warmer season

Spring is characterized by warm and humid weather, so it is important to have bags with materials resistant to this kind of weather. Our  Large Tote Lidia Leather Bag has a very aesthetic and resistant fabric so you can wear it anywhere you want. It also has two leather handles that will make it more comfortable to carry your bag.

Spring Bag Trend

4. Choose a practical bag to take anywhere you go

In spring, trips and walks with family and friends are not lacking, so it is important to have a faithful bag that accompanies us in all these adventures. So it's ideal that you find a bag that you can take anywhere and fit into any space. Our Large Tote Lidia Leather Bag is a bag that you can fold on the sides and fit in any space.

Large Tote Lidia Leather Bag

At Bixi Awotan we hope these tips will make your bag the perfect complement to your outfit this spring season. Don't forget to visit our online store to see our collection of bags. Tell us in the comments, what will be your bag for these spring days?

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