What would your dream adventure look like?

What would your dream adventure look like?

This blog is dedicated to those who like to explore the world, those who are just starting to travel next year, but especially for those adventure seekers that like to travel on their own.

Hey, I’m Maria besides being one of the co-founders, I´m also the bag designer for bixi awotan. Today I want to share with you a dream that has finally come true: my first trip to Thailand. It has been a dream since my trip to Bali (Indonesia) years ago - it certainly blew me away and made me promise myself that one day I would go back to a new destination in the Southeast Asia. 

bixi awotan leather handbag

This is by far the most practical travel bag I own

I’m the kind of person who likes to prepare her suitcase the day before and not be pressured by it. I prefer a loose itinerary and living life to the fullest without planning ahead, where I can get most out of each day.

The only thing I know for sure about this trip is which bixi bag will be with me in this journey: my new fanny pack ivory. It’s perfect for staying organized in the airport, during long flights and definitely will be very useful for walking everywhere.

bixi awotan leather handbags

The best way to get to Thailand is making several stops along the way: from Mexico City, through Los Angeles and Tokyo and finally land in Bangkok (Capital of Thailand). To be honest, it doesn't matter to me about the distance that I will travel or the number of hours on flight; what excites me is finally reach my destination: my 21-day yoga retreat at Samma Karuna School on Koh Phangan Island where I will practice tantra, detox and Osho.

To be honest, ever since I saw the movie Ana and the King with Jodie Foster I fell in love with Thailand. I would love to try their vegetarian food and celebrate the full moon festival on the island. I can't wait to share with you photos using my fanny pack on the island.

bixi awotan handmade leather handbags


bixi awotan leather handbags

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