The importance of sustainable fashion

The importance of sustainable fashion

Second chance: Pre-owned/loved Leather Bags.

In 2024, with the purpose of becoming an environmentally friendly business, we want to share the beginning of our campaign SECOND CHANCE with you. Our sustainable solution will have a positive impact on reducing carbon footprints.

At Bixi awotan, we strongly believe in the principles of slow fashion. We don’t mass produce, and our products are exclusively hand-crafted by artisans working for our company. Our products are crafted from beautiful, natural leather carefully selected for durability, resistance, and flexibility. Most importantly, leather is biodegradable. In addition to reusing leather classified as waste in the food chain, other useful purposes can be served.

Sustainable future.

You have carried your beloved bag with you for years, but maybe it's time to move on and retire your Bixi. We appreciate the life and years of use you have given our product. Your Bixi was created to love you back.

We know it’s painful to say goodbye, but this time your bag won’t go to waste! It can be exchanged for a fabulous 30% discount coupon to use toward the purchase of a redesigned, Second Chance Bixi bag at an affordable price. Your pre-loved bag will return to us. Want to know more?

reduce waste with second chance leather bags

The lifecycle of our Bixi bags

There are different ways to support this sustainable fashion trend:
  • We are collecting pre-loved bags for a special collection. If you have one that's in good condition but which you no longer use and would like to exchange, please contact us at or through any of our social media channels.
  • Once we receive your bag, we'll send you a coupon for 30% off for your next Bixi bag. Valid immediately.
  • Your bag will be aesthetically transformed by our design team with an artistic touch.
  • This selection of products will be placed in a special collection on our store site, so that you can purchase them at an affordable price.
  • Any shipping costs are the responsibility of the client.
When you purchase a SECOND CHANCE bag, you will be part of a circular economy and will actively promote sustainable fashion.

reduce waste with second chance leather bags

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