The Boxing day: Our biggest sale of the year 25% off sitwide

The Boxing day: Our biggest sale of the year 25% off sitwide

The most magical time of the year has arrived, Christmas comes with many festivities that we can celebrate, among them, The Boxing day. Have you heard about it?

Its name has nothing to do with the sport of Boxing, Boxing day is a holiday of British origin, it is celebrated annually on December 26th, the day after Christmas.
This is a holiday widely celebrated in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries.

This celebration has origins that have put many historians in doubt, it is believed that it arose from the fact that in Great Britain, the rich gave the day off to the servants or employees to visit their families after they had worked rendering their services during Christmas. Another theory is related to working class people spending December 26th looking for Christmas "Boxes" or tips.

However, despite its origins, today, this day is celebrated by extending the Christmas tradition of giving gifts and gathering with family and/or loved ones.
At Bixi Awotan we wanted to join this tradition and celebrate Boxing Day in our own way with a 25% discount on all products in our store.

Leather Bag Bixi Awotan

That's right, a 25% discount on all our products so you can get the perfect gift for your loved ones and celebrate Boxing Day and the magic of this time of year with our products made with unique details.

Visit our online store and discover all the variety of our products made with high quality materials.

This is our last special sale of the year and starts TODAY!
Hurry before it's too late. Limited time only!

At Bixi Awotan we hope you enjoy this season with your loved ones and we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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