3 ideas to enjoy the magic of the christmas season

3 ideas to enjoy the magic of the christmas season

It is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year! and in Bixi Awotan we want to bring you 3 ideas to enjoy the magic of the christmas season, with your special people. 

1. Dress up with your favorite outfits

Holiday parties are a big part of the season, and the perfect moment to dress up with your favorite outfits. For me the most important accessories to wear are my new boots (I'd like to give a big shout-out to Mezcalero) and of course my bixi awotan leather bag. Right now, I can’t stop wearing my Fanny Pack in gold color. I like to say, “No matter what you wear, as long as you put on a nice pair of shoes, a cool handbag, and a beautiful smile, you will look fabulous!”.  If you want to show off a leather bag in this season, don't forget to see our colectión in our online store. 

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2. Giving gifts to our loved ones

 We really enjoy expressing our love and gratitude by giving gifts to our loved ones and to surprise them with something not only special, but handmade, enjoyable and appreciated. Visit small business you will find the perfect gifts. Also you can visit our online store to find the perfect Bixi Awotan gift.

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3. Decorate our house 

One of the favorite things to do is to decorate our house for Christmas, and as a family tradition we enjoy so much is to drive around town to admire all the Christmas lights. When winter nights are long and cold, Christmas decorations bring brightness and cheer.

Without a doubt, the most beautiful thing about this season is spending time with family, making delicious food for others, helping people in need, making donations and bringing gifts to the neighbors. Find something to do that is thoughtful for someone else and it can go long way to warm your heart.

Enjoy the magic of the season!

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bixi awotan leather handbags


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