is a Mayan phrase used as a greeting, expressing what does your heart say?

We are three sisters, Noelia, María & Saraí Torres, and we have been deeply touched by the spirit of bixi awotan. This simple expression has become our mission as we followed our hearts through this great journey, which started as our dream in 2002.

Growing up in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico -- a city reflecting the culture of leather handcrafting -- we have been immersed in the enduring tradition of this. Bixi awotan is our contribution to this noble legacy. It shows our passion for design, fashion, unique handmade details, and colors that inspire. It has given us the pleasure of turning an idea into a product made with materials that enrich with the passage of the time.

With great care, we select materials with high standards of quality -- but also, we make certain that our genuine leather is free of toxic substances, and environmentally safe. What follows is a time-honored tradition of hand crafting that yields a work of art that is both beautiful and practical.

We are so thankful that we had listened to our hearts, and now are able to share our leather goods as well as the bixi awotan story with others. We aspire to listen to your heart, and to put ours into every creation we make.