3 incredible cool hacks and tips of Bixi Awotan

3 incredible cool hacks and tips of Bixi Awotan


We know that the most special time to online shoppers is when you receive your purchase. Opening your bixi awotan leather handbag for the first time is an experience like no other. Once you’ve opened up that box, you can’t help but keep smelling all the unique leathers inside.  

Every order is carefully packaged and delivered to you in a unique way, with a surprise gift included with every purchase. As you have noticed, each bag comes with an iconic bixi awotan accessory - its tassels, which are also detachable if you wish. The tassel and strap come nicely wrapped in bixi awotan leather printed.


1. We design accessories that make the best of every inch of leather.

As we had mentioned in this blog 2 reasons to meet the artisans behind your bixi awotan we work with leather with the utmost care, always seeking to optimize each inch of such generous and kind material.

While cutting your bag, there will be always leftovers which we use to make protectors for the straps, dots and lots of cute accessories that are guaranted to win your heart. All made with the essence of bixi awotan.

2. Use leather straps, this useful hack will always keep your bag organized

If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo, you’ll probably find this hack to be very appealing. Today we’ll be showing you how to organize your bag for good, with a simple solution that saves you time and ensures that all of your belongings stay together in one place. We know it can be difficult to carry around your laptop/tablet/phone charger and even headphones (if you´re not into earpods), those cables are tangled together most of the time!

 That's why we suggest that you keep those leather straps that came with your bag as protectors. And they look like this:


Accesories- Leather Straps- Protectors


Since your charger is essential to your life, you can easily organize them and prevent them from being damaged, and also save yourself from headaches and avoid expensive replacements! Just roll well and tie them up with these. Forget those days where you reach into your bag trying to pull out your charger, or as Marie Kondo might say: “you can actually make the joy last longer” 

3.Who doesn't love a freebie when shopping online? 

As bixi awotan, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. That is why this season we're giving away these gorgeous keychains (for a limited time only*) with every order you make on our online store. Additionally, each of them is totally different from the other, making them even more special.  Dont forget to see our online store to see more of the incredible accessories that we have!




We are committed to not having waste and optimizing our materials in our workshop. We'd love to invite you over one day and introduce you to the whole team! Tell us if these tips will help you - we'd love to hear from you.



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  • Brenda Arlene Davis -

    Just received my handbag yesterday, which happen to fall on my birthday! What a delightful surprise! I will certainly be purchasing more. The quality is top notch!!! Thank you for helping to make my day extra special!!!

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